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tion. A marked dullness found over the entire sternal region.

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was first publicly allowed shortly after the incoming of the age.

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From these experiments one can conclude that pulmonary

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due to a direct intoxication, but are secondary to an ischgemia brought

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Wherever it was possible, identification papers were

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mentioned above. This is especially true of some strains when grown

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found associated with cressol, aniline, picoline, etc. The plan is to distil

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it is capable of conferring. In discussing the oft-mooted question of the local

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some observers, produces a lesion of identical character. In from four to

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misrepresenting the value and use of his instrument at this part of

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sioned officers are specified, but as instructors they go wherever their

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7. It is to be decidedly preferred to the bromides in those

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If, now, the inspiratory and expiratory acts, and the tensile force

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retraction of the head, opisthotonos, emaciation and coma.

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shoulders become affected and are painful on pressure. The paralysis

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filled up with shoemaker's wax. After the horn has been

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trade that wait on the successful exhibitors at the Panama-

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of peace are even greater than the loss of life from war, may be illustrated

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recklessness, horror, repulsion or sorrow. Delirium of action,

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Two or three miles east of the University I found an

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tional treatment. It is a matter of prime importance to promptly limit

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atrophy, though in many of the cases there are no convulsive attacks of any

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tary; Dr. Russell M. Wilder, recorder, and Dr. Harold

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volume. BuUeUn, Vol 1., 1861-49, 8vo. doth, $9,001 If aoat by mall, 88

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increased excretion of uric acid and menstruation, even when

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it has been possible to prove that the quantity of regeneration is in

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lacerating the tissues in the effort to liberate the sac, provokes

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remedies, or are tampered with as are their other complications,

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With the acceptance of the Pettenkofer carbon dioxide test for

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pointed by the members of the examining committee chosen by the Medi-

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ciation. It seems to me that this arrangement is wholly admirable and

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part of the tail. They are attached to the sacrum and to the

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and ten grains of bromide of potassiam in cinchona mixture three times daily.

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milk on standing, and in which the presence of lactic acid