conceives that his own results will be received with interest. In
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The condition requires identically the same outdoor life
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coming to any conclusion on the subject. That the retinal
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the dust from the air. One engaged in a dusty occupa-
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case of trichiniasis in the liying human subject has been diagnosed
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stance of possessing a proper investing membrane — the sar-
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as it does, from a depressed vitality and a morbid condition of the
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1868.] Report on Materia Medica and Therapeutics. 253
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it is a notorious fact that a great many individuals,
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degree of feebleness, the partial and then complete loss of appetite, and subse-
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a malady which will probably attract more attention now than
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offensive when blood is poured out and undergoing change.
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junction, such depletory and re\adsive measures as the character of the local
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exhibited marks of suffering during the operation, but took the breast immedi-
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Here we reach a point upon which we fear the consensus
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most justly remarks that the report of Professor Parkes' '' peculiarly
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which the turbinate or spongy bodies and the nasal linin g
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cellular tissue and blood-vessejs, should be carefully dissected away, and the
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the pathological changes in each^ seems to have sprung in the
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vidual—the healthy individual has not yet learned the
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rarely indeed falls to the freezing point ; and, next to that, its
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at least twenty-one. If they don't drink before twenty-
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have been made in barracks. The atmospheric watery vapour was
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apart even from his special views, so important in their phy-
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from tubercular phthisis seems to vary in different latitudes, and
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thronging sounds; and the same painful scene was thus again and again renewed.
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that they have been poisoned, since neither of these otherwise contain a
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with mucus, which he did not seem to have strength to expectorate. No post
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ion that treatment was useless unless operative in char-
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13 ; in Case 6 old pericarditis existed, and in Case 10 we have decided
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ples were small, scarcely raised above the level of the epidermis, and surrounded
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more detailed account than a mere reference would have been
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I saw a patient in town who equally got well without treatment, after three or
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places inland.^ Thousands upon thousands of the inhabitants of
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cases of death by uraemia consequent on the blocking up of the
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number of cases. In many the atrophy is of a mixed kind ; there may be slight
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the scar in the neck and lateral to it. X-ray film of
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which, becoming filled with soot which may become in-
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