seduction of females or males, of freemen and slaves. Whatever,
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disease, hemorrhages may occur especially from the gas-
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burning in the throat and pharynx ; inflammation of the
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of the blood, and very frequently gives rise to the early lesions of a cardiac aflfec-
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4. Hypertrophies in the Tonsillar Ring. Daniel B. Hak-
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many opportvinities of infecting the walls of the vas before
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1. Initial Lesions of the Mouth, a. Of the Lips. — Most of them were
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and is a real danger signal. It is the result of a disturbance to the
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4 to 6 in. apart. From the glass tube are two small receptacles ;
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The mucosa of the rectum is markedly thickened (2 mm.). The glands are not dilated.
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It consists of a prize oi'Jice hundred dollars to be awarded to
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If a probe is pressed into this opening considerable resistance
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By Dr. Fredeiuch Semeleder, Physician in Ordniary to Ilia Majesty
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the results of other investigations : i . The bacillus
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William Tullt was born at Saybrook Point, Conn., February
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tissue waste was fully demonstrated during the polar expedition of
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a certain estate should be given him as a reward for his discovery.
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former treatment for true diphtheria in the same hospital.
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and this tends to obscure the diagnosis. A careful examination, however,
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oil may be exhibited to horses with oil of peppermint
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chromatic 23. Exposure, thirteen seconds. Developer, eiko-hydro powder. Enlarging, reducing,
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laterally situated. He points out that this statement must be taken with the
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College of Philadelphia in 1866, died at his home on
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Medicine, not only on account of the information it contams,
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cases of the autumnal chronic form. The anatomical changes are :
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Fkvkh. — Dr. Brokes recommends for periodic fevers
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