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all the conditions of human life on the earth — beneficial,
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hand, in New York, out of 825 sent ashore, only 94 died, the hospital
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trouble, probably phthisis, some months after an op-
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isting broncho-pneumonic processes, which have justly brought
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nated, and after driving around the streets she returned
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Unfortunately the kidney appears to be less competent to rid the body
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it is most severe on pet dogs kept in hot, close rooms, on
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The digestibility of meat is not improved by any method of cooking. Indeed,
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wound in his chest was made probably by a conical ball,
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acid ; mixed with 20 parte distilled water, yields no foreign odor.
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tional treatment. It is a matter of prime importance to promptly limit
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sexual continence and the repression of prostitution, the best expression
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palpation, a certain degree of softness can generally be recognised
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or loss of control of the muscles of the stifle. He begins to
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T HIS IS the case of a three-year-old white boy, who
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Another 14 subjects did not complete the vaccination
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should never be neglected, as it may lead to the detection of
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The foregoing was the first case in which I used the assa-
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by nervous irritation from the invasion to the termination of the
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Dr. Christian : It is pretty hard to tell where it is. It is a weak