and the fibrous coat too unyielding, to give a free passage to the co-
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leg ulcer that had defied several doctors, and which had me
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in the treatment of four cases of uterine hemorrhage — in
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large hospital laboratory, using the facilities of the
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from whose services man derives such important bene-
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presented some reports relative to the treatment of laryngeal tuberculosis
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been studied. Hawk^^ states that the accelerating effect of acids is
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long time, when it is ready prepared, accumulated within the system,
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I Results showed that the use of negative communication behaviors by the physician increased litigious
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using the postvaccination typhoidin tests in the manner just described,
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in the dog. The male is three inches long, the female four to six
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Thb opinion we expiicssed of the first edition of this excellent work has been ratified by
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1897 c— Idem. Reprint, pp. 913-926, 10 figs. 8°. Jena. [Lib. Stiles.]
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necessarily somewhat less than that of the oxygen absorbed,
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arm ; the blanket is thus held before placing it on the horse.
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had been blind and for one week completely comatose. There were no
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treatment and the intervals between the doses should, in general, not
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illumination. I la ihlififht bulbs, which may be ol
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expense, then, in the face of such an epidemic, it were useless to quaran-
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unsustainable. Eventually they all collapse in the face of
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At the same time Sir James Barr has done us all a most valuable
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required is sometimes surprisingly small. I have known obstinate symptoms,
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The phentolamine test performed by bolus injection and
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fortieth annual commencement of the Long Island Col-
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suffocation or dysphagia, which occur in more acute cases. On
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more than the ( semblance ' would be exhibited on the
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of French or German, (c) He will matriculate and register as a student of