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Dr. Barbour : This has been an interesting paper that we

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T. hrucei. These trypanosomes could be transmitted by Gl. morsitans^

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whose maiden name was F , (I do not publish the name in

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elect a president from its own number; the secretary

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strain. Athletes are liable to rapid loss of health when they relinquish

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After they are rolled, they may be coated with gelatin, sugar,

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number the Indians located on reservations reporting

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escape, without burrowing beneath the plaster, pushing it olf,

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tal ulcerations and perforations oftenest in those between

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1947. Havens, Walter Paul, Jr., 300 Cherry Lane, Wynnewood, Pa.

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the entrance and exit of air into the chest which can be detected by a

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faith in me. I know you had to sacrifice a lot for me to get where I am today, and I

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itus and Cercomonas, after a period of increase by division, the regular

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most robust health and Spartan habits, invariably writing under an

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time, by certain important snakes. The venom was collected by squeez-

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north. But in Hartford and New York, if we can judge either from

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national Medical Congress at Rome, from which Ponfick had twenty days

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157. Antisepticity in Surgery. Mr. Edward Lund . . . . . .150

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Clinically, inflammations of the uterine appendages

integrated safety of levodopa-carbidopa intestinal gel from prospective clinical trials

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frequent symptoms of all forms of insanity, and especially in

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nervous system, this being usually the final stage of the disease and

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be required, ready to take commissions and to be sent where

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Warnings: Advise vehicle or machine operators of possible

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be remembered, however, that certain microorganisms produce pyelitis or

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it sew with continuous catgut suture the aponeurosis of the external

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a destroyer of the mechanical force of cohesion — as an attrac-

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ervers, the microscopical characters show the two to be identical. But

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of which he insisted on Mr. Pitt's taking, as he had- known it recover

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ferers deprived of the skilful care to be found in such

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last half of each cigar. In sn\oking with the ordinary pipe, much of the nicotine is

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with the results obtained by Pfeiffer and Kitasato.

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shortening of the limb, which may be as much as seven centi-

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be limited to the parts close to the cervix, an operation in healthy tissue will not

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the LoefHer bacillus in the local exudates of diphtheria, although this

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of the Board of Medical Examiners shall be tried before a jury

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An enterogenic form of albumosuria has been noted in various

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sometimes with colloid, sometimes of more embryonic type. They have

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blood sugar level. The frequency of dosage necessary to keep