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Some important light has been thrown on the possible nature and

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chemical examination of the dead Rocky Mountain locusts, by

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derm, et syph. 1890, i. 210. — 7. Boinet and Duperet. "Da bouton de Gafsa au.

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There is no ulceration ; but we find either an excoriation, or a slight

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and uniform to touch, in peracute eczema, papules, which correspond to

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light cream-colored petals, obtuse elliptical, longer than the spur.

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The terms amnesic and ataxic aphasia had respectively

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the cytoplasm. These rods are seen in a 0.01 per cent, solution of Janus

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ture of our blacks, with the cold, sullen temperament of our Indians.

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country of an ally ; the opposing forces were completely defeated

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Ether. The primary anaesthetic stage of ether, Packard, J. H., 537.

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the Final Examination the student is apt to devote just as little time

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three fourths of the cases were improved, the tumor and the troubles due to

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Instead of using CaCl2 we can also use a m/256 solution of Na2S04

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Constipation is a marked symptom, and usually persists throughout the

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period when solid shot were in general use with big guns.

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(iii) Tilting the foot of the bed so as to throw the urine to the

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A vertical incision, about six inches long, was made,

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