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for if it were, the concentration could not become greater in the tis-
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is, in a greater degree, characteristic of operations performed without anaes-
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suggested by the indications present in the individual case.
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admitted. It is to be taken into the account, also, that persons
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The patient was a gentleman aged 50, who two months before the operation had
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of the lung and pleura pulmonalis, sufficiently attest the previous
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of dysentery prevalent in each part of the Army should be made
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weights and the measures — one cubic centimeter of water at 4° C.
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ledge of the pemphigoids since that date, for, unless in some minor
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cervix, and causes great dilatation at this region. The more susceptible the
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several cases of temporary attacks of indigestion and
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rations in the parieto-occipital region were more particularly