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A few days later a patient presented himself who had suffered
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has been found to depend upon the irritation caused by foreign
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It is a well established fact that hoarseness, as well as cough,
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of her body grew cold and white, and thus she died.
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take a brief inventory of the physical feminine attributes that men
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toin. while a iliniinntion is unfavoniltir. lit* maintains,
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placed along the back of the patient, who has been turned carefully on his
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dition, for comparison, its tracing of a normal pulse.
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Goodspeed, of the University of Pennsylvania, has brought out
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worse for it. I heard from him occasionally, and he was reported as
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lessen very materially the work of the gynecologist.
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blaine should fall upon the recniiting officers, when these
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the excision of the appendix, but the patient would not enter-
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soluble in rain water, forming a milk-white solution of a creoeotie,
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several public bodies, the hordes of empiricism would In; weakened
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consider what evidence exists to show that this same insect is the
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two clusHUB, namely, tlio solitary and the multiplu
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VIII. Iron Planing, Exercises and special work. [Re-
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out; he believed it was due to changes in the vessels quite apart from the
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persons lacking vascular vitality. In these cases, the blood is always
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tion, the amino acid separating on scratching. The yield was 60 g.
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them ; and as soon as this became the case transudation would stop. The
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University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Madison, WI 53792
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has been applied by Dr. B., with decided benefit, for dilatation of the
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tice. But, not further to digress — the Thomsonian
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2. Professional training. Students who are looking forward
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of the spinal cord, by which the nerve-fibres are gradually strangled. If
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in whatever part of the country he may be. The relationship of the
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