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' These lymphatics in the necks of fowls were first discovered by Mr. John Hunter.
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This patient contracted syphilis twenty-one years ago.
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educational status of the mother, the month prenatal care
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higher incidence; in males the incidence is virtually identical
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were those associated with influenza and in the respirator}' system it
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tension of the capsule of the joint with fluid. The upper end
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ings as high as was deemed advisable it was found that the
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healthy, no miscarriages or stillborn children, one brother
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patients the best contraceptive advice while avoiding the
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glands, and also that the lymphatic vessels of the thymus per-
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the thoracic duct. Another part passes under the iliac arteries
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offenders who were remanded to Martland Hospital by
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factors is much greater than the sum of the individual risks.
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impossible to name without reference to an authoritatively identified
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' The papillae of the tongue in the human subject appear to the naked eye, when
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24 hr. (4) Filter. (5) Saturate the filtrate with aramon. sulphate.
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periments their exclusive pathogenetic properties, al-
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acidification with ascorbic acid, large amounts are needed
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infection is suspected. (See Important Note below, i
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bradycardia with obvious hemodynamic disturbances. Ther-
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* Thus the lacteals had been seen in kids by Erasistratus, who calls them arteries,
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TPN in the absence of associated pathology, the abdominal
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like Elizabeth W.'s. This girl was twin with James F., who
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an early stage of intra-uterine life, have no nucleus corresponding to
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speech. Both cords have been removed from both sides of
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into a basin, to the quantity of three ounces. Each vessel
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make the arrangement of subjects and the method of indexing
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pale primary cells which floated in the fluid blood, are included in the
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1757, and published in 1762, he says, "in adhesions of parts,
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that help define carcinogenic potential. At the research and
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had occurred in his legs and abdomen during three years.
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being also the author of a very excellent monograph on the
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tibia held in its new position until all likelihood
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the occurrence and diffusion of a great epidemic Com-
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cluded that there was mechanical obstruction, probably due to
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articles; clinical notes, succinct items on some aspect or new
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truct them properly to prevent this purpose being defeated.
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of medicine in Philadelphia, who attended Dr. Monro's lectures
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utilizing the findings of disparity of size and lack of obstruc-
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not only in this preparation, but also in many of the larger
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pregnancy has not been established. Therefore use of Bronkodyl during lacta-
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In view of the earlier age at marriage among Indian women,
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1. Was the decline in incidence seen in blacks as well as in