more quiet and composed; pulse 96, soft; appetite good.

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and Feline Siirifery. A Treatise on Veterinary Surfflcal Therapeutics of Domestic Animals.

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It is evident that the proteids are, by themselves, capable of fulfilling

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in the production of tuberculosis is diminished b}^ cooking, since by

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Colonel G. E. Waring comes to several conclusion.^,

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a large amount of medical supplies, a number of medi-

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fact that though the expenditures for postage and expressage were much

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opment of science, and in service to their countrymen, Bourgclat

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methods of treatment which tend to maintain the functional

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Military Forces. By Charles Field Mason. Illustrated; pp. xviii + 596.

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electric discharge too feeble to be detected by other

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Child to drink of Barley-water, sweetned with Sj^rup of white Poppies ; this will make

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(h<h&l\ « lihpn s S^fvM*] »), sweUing of the penis (AH*hflm ' '), gummy

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addition to those regularly present. To protect these mucosal

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in the hind leg. The animal, when standing, carries the head

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The material against which disinfection is directed is

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Bismuth. If very sore and the skin «s broken we use the camphor ointment

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views of men and things ; they are the easiest people in the world to get

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any altered dispositions of the troops, the officers had a conference

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weak, in order to avoid all irritating qualities, as to make it fail