{Read before the Medico-Chirurgical Society of Edinburgh, 8th July 1891.)
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SpKKUJK, M.l). Cantab. London: liailliere. Tindall «.V: ('o.\.
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figures are always somewhat higher than the total hypochlorite.
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II. Physical Signs Course — Clinical Demonstrations.
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was secured, when a few of the manufactures flourished, when
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say how many of the 13 cases of sporadic meningitis
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inmates of the Home ; this is especially satisfactory when we
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of the stomach-pump are called for ] but the antidote for arsenical poison-
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all concerned. He leaves a wife and five of a family (three
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spine, and counter-irritation, are calculated to act upon these
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nothing, as a service to be taken for granted, and available Ijy
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acquaintance, to go into particulars about the condition of the
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the curbstone, which produced a compound comminuted fracture of the
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of the College since the last report was issued, as the annual
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Drainage is a matter of antisepsis. It is a sine qua non in the case
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the eye of the meat inspector and presented all the appearance of
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when they can operate effectively and not, as to-day, when it is
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Dropsy, scarlatinal, treatment of. By W. B. Cheadle, M.D 45
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cholesterine. The fluid, however, speedily re-collected, and at
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sion of the vessels, in order to allow them to apply
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following the use of quinine. He also states that about the
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less copious, into the connective tissue all over the body, as well
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ing it however, a difficult matter to maintain this non-partisan poli-
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portions of lymph suppumtion had taken place within
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ment, except that 15 drops of a solution of nitrate of silver (3j. to |}.)
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people who are looked upon as good respectable citizens, make
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phrase, '^ the totality of the symptoms." In ordinary typical
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