the early stage of healing there were a great many fine blood vessels

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vised that the bull be disinfected with a one and a half per cent,

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In France, Dr. Manning says, many of the in.<iane

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to Langenbeck last December, with inflammation of the left hip

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soluble than lithium carbonate, but it will dissolve twelve times more

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be the recompense bestowed by the rich ; friendship,

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breast, and in men there is sometimes an inflammation of the

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combination of mercurial ointment with camphor, and to be repeat-

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bulances and Field Hospitals as well as for operations in the Base

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the urine, and the methods used to obtain a quantitative analysis of its various constituents ;

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marked elevation in temperature. When pain increases pulse get hard.

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Maltine will convert 33 times its weight of starch at 140 deg. Fahr, in 16 minutes

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hysteria ; and many cases of tuberculous meningitis in adults have at the

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man Bethune, B.A., M.D., Edin. ; M.E.C.S., Eng., &c., J. Alger,

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sory and motor types of sympathetic cells are those recorded by

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See the 'Journal of the Royal U. S. Institution,' vol. xii., London, 1869,

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charge over the water- shed. The law is of a most rigid character. A man is

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There are also in the service shrapnell shells in which the

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cussion-sound at the upper part of the thorax is distinctly tympanitic.

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and processes were due to overheating the red corpuscles and were able to

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stinence from food incident to that process, become less tense than they

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all who have published accounts of salt-bag treatment. Major

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15th. — The throat was quite well; the sore on the nose and that near

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made as it is withdrawn. After this the patient gets well in a few days. Very

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clinicians to try it. He gives a full description of both the theory

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ulation), the change is not so apparent, especially on the right. Upon close

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planes of aponeurotic fibres ; which are very denfe,

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medicine was produced ; he was more tranquil, often

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neighbor. " A man^' remarks a quaint writer, "may go much among men

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