administration, such as diplopia, ptosis, dilated pu-
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These experiments were made on dogs, and afterwards on man. M. Hetet
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similar. Dr. Hartge, of Dorpat, who has recently had ample opportunities
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the micrococcus which we have found in the cases mentioned. Staphylo-
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Tlie micrococci are found in immense numbers in tlie fluids of
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years ago, I saw at Millbank a prisoner who was completely dumb
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1 take into considei-ation the nervous condition of the
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Dental Cosmos, a monthly record of dental science, devoted
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twisted, single ring, or double ring, depending upon the
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section. In extirpation of the cancerous uterus he stated at the
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way to Dixie with a limb which promised to become ser*
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The surgeon who is ."^o fortunate as to have a large num-
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by the co-existence, so frequent in alcoholic drunkards, of lesions
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patient, who was sixty-one years old, made an uninter-
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were to be done. These were completed within two hours, as a
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and the death of the patient ^nsue. A drop or two of perspiration
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to render them models of excellence. But if the Boards of
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with the advantage it is to a nurse to have found her
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sacritice thousands of human beings at brutal gladiatorial combats,
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the age distribution of the deaths will next be apparent. The
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were concerned, it was never so explicitly defined as
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least the philosopher's stone, since it brings about
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Johns Hopkins Hospital Reports, vol. vii. 1898. — 2. Dakhyl. Traitement des brUlures par
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ual, to the family circle, to society, or to govern-
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•61 183 Starr, M. A. Atlas of nerve cells. By M. A. Starr, 0.
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titude of quiet, soft, becoming hues in perfect taste for those over as
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ponds, hog-pastures, sess-pools, distilleries, poultry-yards, slaughter-
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shoulder blade and at the other to the head of the bone
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examination of the cattle in pasture no signs of sickness were visible. The ani-
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that lie the highest, where the protection is scanty from the in-
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easily. Thirst is rarely present in the lighter cases, but in severe ones
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children, and if administered at bedtime will produce a gentle
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rigidity of the sterno-mastoids, or of the extensor muscles of the neck.
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