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Multiplied Power of a Beautiful Mother — Beauty for All, the Twentieth Century's Proph-
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that of J. M., was one of pyonephrosis following an injury.
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a long distance to attend during an illness, while the great nobles and the Highland
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heading of the circulatory system, there are some dissections
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resin is officinal, and is often prescribed in gonorrhoea instead of the compound
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asylums, which is advocated by most superintendents,
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of the hip-joint. The surgeon, having tried all in his power to
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the floor, but once it has been effectually released the limb is sharply
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feeble as scarcely to be felt at the wrist ; and her bowels, like her limbs
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To promote cleanliness tepid water is used either in the tub or
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nic inflammation. The diagnosis of such affections arising from
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