areas adjacent to or in close proximity to the Indianapolis area.
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and intermittent, prolonged administration is generally
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because it has inherited the great milking qualities of its
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free posterior and anterior incision in these abscesses,
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Outhier, Mrs. G. S. Baker, Mrs. F. M Sawyer, Mrs. W. McPhil-
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covered with a single covering ; only cold food and drinks should
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the meat interspersed with a proportion of lean. That
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individual's protein intake. During the greater part of starvation, most
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is common, particularly in country practice, to see
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retina is merely an expansion of the optic nerve which transmits the
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hitherto, medical practitioners have supposed that this phenome-
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seems to me to require no argument at the present day and before this con-
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Growing almost at the water's edge on some of the streams in
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maintained with what degree of advantage to the latter is attested
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vent even the most skillful surgeon sometimes from accomplish-
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animals has become practically a new science. My attention was attracted to
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potential “problem.” The involvement of the counselor in
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By observations on the effect of administration of thyroid extract to
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moration, I received the degree of D.C.L. concurrently
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active in the medical life of the colonies shared the
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changeable climates, is certainly commendable. But to obtain
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same regulations as govern the granting of gratuity to members of these
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the force, the power and the safe administration of the body
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advance of science, an equally strong and certainly more interest-
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The fevers and febrile diseases designated idiopathic
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malignant case I ever witnessed. Being a young man of
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municipal supplies, embracing every variety of source ; and of sewage effluents, treated and
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evident from my observations, that these new elements of the blood are present
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External biliary flstulsemay originate spontaneously : or be formed
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The chairman takes this method of thanking those physicians who sent