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covering of the stomach, intestines and other abdominal viscera."

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of copper sulphate on the ground that it causes gastro- enteritis ;

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ences. We say as we read these revelations, "Here, indeed, is one wo-

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tion of basic biologic truths to the healing arts and

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and showing no symptoms of ill health. I might also state that

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when spoken to by their mothers. Irritability of temper

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what Dr. Mickle calls " belittlement." This occurs more frequently in

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is one which has long occupied and puzzled otologists. The chapters

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" A woman, aged thirty-six, of a delicate, nervous temperament,

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and put in operation by experienced workmen, must be considered;

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drugs produce glycosuria, but I need not mention them

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Art. XI. — Gonlrihidions to the Pathological Anatomy of the Nervous