eminently the worst, for it establishes itself in even the
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Dr Theodore C. Mackenzie, The Asylum, Lochgilphead,
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forthwith to place our fingers upon the remedial causative factors
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demies of cholera in India. But as in the case of the use of carbolic acid, it
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to the face, and, to some extent, leave their impress on the facial
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Hospital, for the following careful description of the heart.
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Naval Station, September 2d, and ordered to the " Yankton."
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passes into the larynx, which is situated immediately behind and
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passes away ; and any patient who has tried both ways will at
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Phenic Acid in the Treatment of Diseases of the Skin. —
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Of gonon>hcBa there are 1,900 cases reported, and no death. This
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of a similar nature, so that we can no longer regard every case of general
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related Departments as may be determined in consultation with the Head
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care should be taken that neither his sponge nor tub is used for other patients!
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of the axilla. An unpleasant kind of greasy sweat often exudes
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the strong tibial spine and the diaphysis. the lower extremity of the
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Puncture of the Cisterns Magna" (Ci • rn Puncture),
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main a long time and have to be brought to a head to let
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hardly be excluded from the etiological possibilities.
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double courant'] so well investigated by Dr. Bouillaud. The first
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Subscribers are likewise requested to call our attention
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death are inanition due to loss of sleep and constant vomiting, hemorrhage
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tion on the part of females, of those pursuits hitherto
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bv incision, which was followed by haemorrhage that
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course of the disease. A married son having a home of bis own, often
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their wounds from the fire of the enemy in front. Such references
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with the blood, spleen, liver, kidney, suprarenal capsules, lymphatic glands
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Whatever the course you adopt, always tell the patient the truth,
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sometimes on other parts of the body, although the place of
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The Diseases of the Far and their Treatment. By Arthur
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Dr. M. O'Hara said, in reference to the presence of
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according to the symptoms developed during the reaction.
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The symptoms in infancy show some variation from those in adult life.
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