Dr. Wyse was called in. On examination. Dr. Wyse found in the vagina
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the chairman of some commission. He was remarkably well fitted for
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taken all round it does not rank high, though it is a
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against the English " tub," in favour of friction with a damp cloth.
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formed as not fo require text books at all, but at the present time
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n difficult to understand ; — how it is that umall doses of Mercury
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testines is most conspicuous. Its non-toxic quality pre-
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paper, advocating electrolysis instead of the curette and
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ulceration and sloughing soon follow and the destruction of tissue
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be used. It should be gently squeezed out of a sponge and allowed
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tion, tendered through the '' Committee on Conference
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ciling them with what seemed to me medical common-sense
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duced ulceration of the stomach in guinea-pigs as the result of pneumococcus
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reaction. The addition of a few drops of acetic acid precipitates the
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practice seems to be, " that if the depressed hone he exposed
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dium in sufficient degree to bring about those changes which indicate
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break an egg, and divide the yolk from the white ; with a paste
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there is usually no secondary infection by pus cocci.
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harmlessness of small doses is found as certain as Trudeau and some
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livers, however, are generally painful and tender, and are often im-
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nothing short of Fungi ^vould suit the minds of the Botan-
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to avoid the wound near the vagina and so avoid the danger
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frequent desire to pass urine, from which he had suffered for several
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bigger and better, physical perfection. Its aims is the prevention
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of water at a time when they may be permitted to drink
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directed above for the time before sickening. In case of any sharp fever at eruption,
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the regions of the brain surrounding the tumour are commonly oedema-
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Fhynoal Ewamination. — Poorly developed and nourished. Heart and lungs
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give between ^ and | inch, and 21 of these average less than ^ inch. In
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100 gm. of bread; present with addition of bread to 200 gm. Intravenous glu-
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withdrawn as the ligature was tightened. The intro-
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" With us, when an animal is known as having the disease, we
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size of this stricture, on June 7th, was 27, and no in-
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our work is needed, or we may easily find ourselves putting
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through the dominating control of the head ganglia.
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External Appearances. — There is great oedema of the lower