terior, but these bodies are not metachromatic like those of diph-
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tually silent as regards -clinical manifestations. In cases of apo-
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being afraid to keep appointments for fear of disclosure.
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the comparative worth of my treatment, I may mention that some
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prestigious schools and programs across the country. Students and residents participate in
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case of nephritis following scarlet fever after the affection had
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aggravated by the Salts, by giving at the same time about five
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Second Vice-President — H. G. Miller, M. D., Providence.
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all cases of pertussis," says Dr. Copland, " when chills, followed
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give several of the most useful, for the various purposes needed.
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Mr. Buckle exdaims, with reference to this .part of his subject, is the wonderful
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Another distinguished surgeon of this period was John Chisholm, doctor of
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pital Medical School, with five hundred and ninety-two en-
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to the type of his intermittent, the algor increased and was followed by
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injures all the functions of the body. Therefore be as cheer-
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frozen to death and that burial had been made in a swamp by tapping the body
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Much can be done by gently and firmly helping nature
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Contribucion al estudio de la Baeteriologia del Tabardillo, Ignacio
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fellow ex-professors had been doing the like. If I could
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York, has used. There are two papers, one in the 1912 and the other
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bility — some depressing, others exalting it. A little careful
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session, the names, ages, and diseases of the members of this Society, who
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There was no perceptible difference in the degree of growth of the
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with the nature of drugs, vegetable and mineral, and
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In not one, perhaps, of the various fonns of diffuse renal
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Quincy said that it was the opening of the first muni-
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like charcoal, salol, bismuth, beta-naphtol, etc., that arrest
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two clusHUB, namely, tlio solitary and the multiplu
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as indeed it has been. There were some surgical cases, which, in the
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Med. Observ. ; Obst. Soc. of Bos. ; Bos. Soc. Nat. Hist. Surg.
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■zone entire, that so, when they marry, they m.ay be such as
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adrenergic blocking activity, propranolol may prevent the appearance of premonitory signs
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literature some 70 cases of missed abortion. In quite a number
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injuries to the knee-joint which opened its cavity :
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With these general considerations before us, there remains the dis-
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ral an allowance of stimulants and animal food to patients of a
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