when and in what cases it is permissible to give them.

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The patient was a robust, healthy man up to the time of the

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.plan was to lay out small plats, 13x14 feet in size, planted

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The Treasurer's report was then read, accepted, and a Committee

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will be applicable to all the periods of life between that

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a surgical operation is often kept back and fails to gain strength

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" In general, starchy food, sweets, butter, fats and

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tration, and the fibrous form. Simple incision is not sufficient, the

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the hMMl of the metacarpal bone into the palm. The methods

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tained from the root of the Leptandra Yerginica or Culver's Physic — and

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which were removed in consequence of wounds inflicted on two

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it was absolutely impossible to manipulate for pain became relatively

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pneumonia, we will call this later stage of the atelectatic focus

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authorities in England, Europe and the United States are now moving

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The whole course of the large intestine should be carefully explored in

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pulla constitutes nearly 66 per cent, of rectal cancer, cancer above

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The appearance of these tablets is a trademark of Ayerst Laboratories.

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scarcity of good grass and water, the latter, especially in the water holes on trav-

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hypertrophy of the follicles in the submucosa when the organ was ligated at

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difference in the results of their observations, yet they ought not to

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other observers have been unable to confirm Klebs' view as to the

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iritic attacks. In thirty-four consecutive iritis cases at the University

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posterior mark often involves moving the patient. The blunt end of the

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of a hen's egg, is tender on pressure, and apparently is an infected

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will come on gradually with a feeling of general indisposition,

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pressure of C0 2 is determined in blood (see page 338).

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nothing as to the mode of transmission of these agents. The pathogenic

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tion which may be useful in the treatment of patients with infantile

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other organs, while in a state of repose, but that during its contrac-

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As regards the concomitant reaction of G.'s serum to V. cholerce, it might be

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and becomes a heavy sufferer through the incompetence

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Middle Tennessee. — To present a view of these to their