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The origin of the disease is shrouded in considerable mys-
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A. S., a Polish tailor, aged 45 years, presented himself ak
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ed., for nse ill Sweden.] 8111.4*^". Stockholm, 16^7,
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will not have any future manifestations of his old trouble.
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unless it be followed by castration ; for, without this, the protru-
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that nearly all the tertians are potentially double tertians (see chart
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common to this disease and to leucocytha^mia, taken in connection with the
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the numbers increased so much tliat some other explana-
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deficiency in alimentary supplies, and no unusual expenditure of blood-
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the prominence of marked dental caries, stomatitis, and gastritis,
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to-clay. The method of education, against which the anathemas of Dr.
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sary to discuss the question, whether the oil owes its efficacy
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limiting the extension of the disease, and in diminishing the sufferngs of
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followed by rise of temperature ; itching and burning became intense.
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The nurse new to occupational health would find the follow-
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facturers have imitated this tablet, which goes by the
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The first emancipator of the slaves, John C. Fremont, never
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lymphatics may contain portions of the more resist-
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Tricatment. — Carter^- recommends the use of the continuous Hot
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Litten characterizes this form as one of the severest of scarlatinas.
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was the melano-sarcoma or the melano-carcinoma. Terrillon