Between these two sorts of cases lie the great majority,
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fifth consecutive successful abdominal section. The complete
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bacilli have frequently been found in blood taken from patients several
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by the skin when tepid sponging is practised, or the patient placed in
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excision of the local lesion should, if practicable, be performed at the
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long as she remained quiet the abdomen was free from pain. Much pain, how-
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found existing simultaneously have been brought forward in support
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for many y< ar« wag amon^; itw beil phydirjann. For the.
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I am well aware — and I have repeatedly heard stud
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papers upon weather and mortality ; while Dr. William Rutherford
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A fright has been repeatedlj noticed as occsudoning a
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impressed upon us that the old foes of last year must be conquered
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' See Dablin Quarterly Joamal of Medical Science, 1847.
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Fig. 1. — (1) Gall-bladder distended. (2) Pylorus.
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The question arises as to what has prevented the diffusion of a
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the organs is from 1 . 5 to 2 jjl long and 0. 3 to 0. 4 p broad. It is straight,
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is "to encourage the selection and breeding of the best and most useful animals
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solutely no criterion of accomplishment except that
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however, is very painful, unless some corrective be added which,
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colic. "Laryngeal crises" are known by attacks of severe
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author prefers to either organology or craniolog-y.
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This, multiplied by the number of beats, indicates the total force per
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resorted to at first, this would have been obviated.
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1 Treatise on Diseases of the Heart, second edition, p. 207.
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electricity has already been used elsewhere, but has failed owing
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1. Blood cultures: (a) As indicated in the case reports, each
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nations, are translated or condensed from the celebrated
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himself,'' which he cannot perform if he has bad shoul-
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the same properties, together with its odor and sapid-
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tuberculosis from husband or wife to the healthy consort. Here,
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of that city. During the last four years he has enjoyed honour-
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regiie : De l'eclairage electrique consideree au point de
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the results of the experience have been in many wa^-s satisfactory,
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