Family S. The paternal great-grandfather died at about seventy
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it does not fully explain the origin of all urobilin within the body,
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always exhibited the phenomena above described before and after
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In the first, both hands had been involved at once for four days; in the
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time he drew the conclusion that " the blood in gout always contains
white tissues, occur in the case of persons advanced in life. From some cruel
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Physical Status. The patient is a well-nourished but under-sized female
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gas I could and she slowly recovered, and later her family wished
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inspiration. When emphysema is sufficiently severe to cause
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examination of his blood, spinal fluid, urine, gastric contents and feces
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teeth covered with dark brown sordes; respiration frequent, but not labori-
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formed for the first time in the chapel, by the Rt. Rev. Dr. White,
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seat of his suffering. He found a surface on the outer and upper part of the
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condemned on account of injury and inflammation there.
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IGth. — On removing the bandage, we observed that the parts from which the
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March 19 and April 16. The patient has taken benzol with some discomfort,
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