shown that the proportion of alkaloids varies exceedingly, owing to
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neglected. In such cases Dover's powder is often useful, especially when
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quietude, with unmingled ferocity depicted on his countenance,
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Secretaries — Dr. Irwin, Kingston ; Dr. Harris, Brantford ; Dr.
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and posteriorly along the wall of the auditory canal.
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Jahr sind grobe Schollen sowie namentlich feine Tropfchen zu
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anorexia, fever, and oppression: the patient seemed to have the commence-
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specific bacterial cause of the disease; but subsequent investigations by
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substitution of an external for an internal hydrocephalus is attained.
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present writing she is in the best of health, and the pelvic organs
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portion of the uterus, the tumor may readily pass through the orifice ; when it
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is born with complete occlusion of the pupil; it neces-
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their localities. We physicians must not only hold our tongues,
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demonstrated that the average family of a feebleminded mother numbers
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Every hen in high health has a bright red, or crimson-
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1907 b.— Idem. [Abstract of 1906 a, bv A. Conte] <Rev. gen. de m6d. vet., Tou-
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phthisis has its origin in deficient respiratory action, and that the
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transfixion needles exhibited by Dr. Jarvis were ex-
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This is the only Menstrual Receptacle in use, and is the grandest
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necting nerve-fibres between the two great branches
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against the chest wall may have its indications and be applicable
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Fig. 94. Complete dissociation. Note that the P wave spaces regularly and bears no definite re-
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asthma, acute tracheobronchitis, bronchiectasis, pulmonary con-
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reasons I have heard, have their origin in selfishness. None
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Multiplying this by the number of pollen grains distributed by each
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the medical curriculum. The department also offers the PhD degree and encourages students to
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Dissolve separately the sulphate and sesquicarbouate ia
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When the impulse arises in the right ventricle near the base, the prin-
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misfitting shoes or breaking of the hoof-wall; injuries
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elberg, Prague, Zurich, etc. It does not succeed in Vienna,
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Tnose who desire to have the series complete can be suj^led with the
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v 1904 b.— Idem. [Reviewed] <J. Trop. M., Lond., v. 7 (14), Julv 15, p. 230.