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* See page 355, vol. ii. and page 304, yol i. of this Journal. — Ed.
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quantities of water, and he entirely recovered Aom the
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being quick, becomes irregular, and affected by sighs, the voice becomes
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golden rule of electro-therapeutics, and try the current upon his
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vigorous constitution until it is first, by some means, prostrated, its vitality im-
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some patients may feel they can discontinue this sooner, others may
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general health and increasing the natural resisting power of the
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perience, to decide in a given case whether an operation will
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The chest is well-formed and perfectly resonant ; the sounds of
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port on the " progress of surgical science and art ^ will be introduced
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erable amount of effusion has taken i^lace the parts must be
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May, 1876, marched 265 miles as medical officer with
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seems to me to require no argument at the present day and before this con-
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but the character of the soil is to be considered. As
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think, is that in cases where the neurones are suffering from an extreme
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state of the system was lowered by this disease. So these
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C. H. Fagge opened her abdomen by a right paramedian incision above
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Padding may be made of clothing, hay, straw, grass, leaves, ex-
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two, three, four, or five hours, according to circumstances.
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gives good Results in my hands. In one case where I made a
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more controlling than is generally imagined. The true man conducts himself in the
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entire recovery of tone in the sexual organs; hence, so long as
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in distant medical journals should be sent to physicians
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hours after a meal. The taking of food, since it increases metabolism,
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then by confining them, thus depriving them of the wild
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by the latter method, 1,049.4. This indicates that there is no profound
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The good effects of a low temperature lie chiefly in
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hfiematoma was mistaken for abscess and only incision of the sac
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advance towards adult years their chances of taking the dis-
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opium may be given in the dose of one or two drc^ t»
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tissue surrounding the nerve fibres ; an edema of the
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and thorough examination, finding no local trouble, and no call
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