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of syphilis, and the child finally died from pneumonia ;

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bility. \Y^hen the patient lies down, especially after a long or rapid

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ously ill, called in another medical friend. They agreed, that the young

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of the blood, as in the various anemias, especially when the disease

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♦From the U. S. Naval Medical School and U. S. Naval Hospital.

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(Read be/ore the Medico-Cliirnrgical Society of Montreal.)

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mained stiff and immovable, with the handle of the axe clutched with the

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must teach the child what his sex organs are, where they are placed,

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more easily, by the use of Neoprene synthetic rubber.

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diphtheria and broncho-pneumonia. Bacteriologically the

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all, with numerous other as well established truths of medical sci-

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of compulsory sickness insurance, the great majority of

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(e) dairy farmers, (f) grammar school children, and (g) primary school

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that there is no more possibility' of transmitting thought,

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liquids. At the end of that time, the substance was removed and

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they can be kept on aU the time. It may, however, re-

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met with in certain cases of rickets, in which the osseous changes were slight.

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ance, their number constantly and regularly increases and in 48 hours,

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lesion became necrotic, and the extension of this zone of necrosis

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— At the " Festival of the Year," a charitable en-

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ferred,) ferment from 1 to 3 weeks, as the weather is warm

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diseased animals, while the State protects them from any

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with each eye, which peculiarity accounts for the shying

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saved by judicious interference; not all, but some. If it be only one out of

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The skin will not peel off so easily as the peach by dipping

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strict milk diet probably is the large per cent of water contained there-

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ficiently known from the history of the case, which shows the

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to a morbid state, which escapes observation because not signalised

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Simmer the rice in a quart of milk until tender ; remove

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reviewers’ comments. The publication lag for original articles

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and curved on the surface with a fetid pus, so that it was easy to

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per year, and more as the people show their approval of Active

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its present degree of surprising and gratifying efficiency,

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Equal parts graham flour and fine oatmeal; add equal parts milk

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