color Avill appear. Urobilin strikes a red color. The stools in diarrhea
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(d) Blood-casts consist of soft hyaline casts having red blood-cells
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mechanically it interfered with some other organ or produced
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{e) Esophageal, (/) Gastric, and {g) Intestinal Branches. — The esoph-
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Pathology. — This is profoundly obscure, since no lesion has ever
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Spasmodic Avry-neck may be tonic or clonic. These forms may co-
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due to neurasthenia, may, however, be associated with genuine organic
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Peptonuria is a symptom of purulent pleurisy that is not without
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bulging over the base. Later signs of cavity-formation may appear.
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seat of neuritis. More or less immobility of the diaphragm follows,
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Albuminuria and a false membrane in the throat or nares are usually
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by a compensatory hypertrophy. Dilatation and hypertrophy of the left
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pinched and pallid features, cool and moist skin, Hippocratic expression,
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attack chiefly the walls of the left ventricle. They are usually encysted.
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it is believed to be either an acute myelitis or an acute polyneuritis,
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of stricture is measured on the instrument, and the results compared
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and the like. A preliminary course of intestinal antiseptics for a week
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orbital foramen ; for the third, the mental foramen. Often the sur-
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primary or cau.^al disease ; hence in every instance in which purulent
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myelia. While the new growth in many instances is gliomatous, being
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{c) Biliary Cirrhosis. — French writers have described " biliary cirrho-
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The edema is prominent and persistent. It gradually extends all
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purpura, syphilis, leukemia, or extreme anemia, and in cases in which
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delirium. Prostration is profound, the weakness being disproportionate
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occurs too rapidly to render this explanation acceptable. It has also
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ular rheumatism, and tuberculosis : syphilis is rarely a cause). Acute
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Warning --^nV; but especially unilateral Palpitation, malaise, choking.
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ally happens ; in such cases specific treatment must be employed.