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is a rare and obscure affection. If it bursts and the pus passes into
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xantliin compounds are less conspicuous. In this way great tempo-
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is a secondary consequence of this, and not a direct result of .the
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located away from the mesenteric insertion. In some instances they appear
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of the blood alters also in other ways. The sijecific gravity by de-
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Complications must be met as they arise and a relapse avoided.
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the consi)icuous thickening of the membrane, and the hypertrophy
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formed by the liberated glycuronic acid cannot be wholly excluded. A few
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Ipecac is a harmless emetic but is rather slow in action. It is a
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long enough, these bilious secretions are succeeded by a thin
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is an old-established fact. It almost always happens that the obesity
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the urine has certain characteristics — amount and gravity — like those of
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of the patient, care respecting diet, and a few simple remedies
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this rule. In some of these cases the stools are of enormous size, of
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do not avail, the case should be submitted to some one who is skillful
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from one to three weeks. It comes on like a cold or some catarrhal
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interior of vacuoles ; (4) free pigmented crescents which may some-
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the conspicuous increase of residual nitrogen ; that is to say, of nitrogen other
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tion of the endocardium. Endocarditis, and not rheumatism, seemed
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nutrition should receive appropriate attention. Sleep should be
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more apt to appear following the severer attacks of scarlet fever, it is not
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experience who are leaders in their profession, if it is possible for a
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mouthed, shouting to attract attention, full of boa-ting and pretence
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cause of head symptoms in acute rheumatism. It is chiefly in con-
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of these drugs, or their power to arrest tlie course of that disease.
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although it appears to me to afford the best explanation of the phe-
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haggard countenance, feigned weakness and nausea, and pitifully
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second is the stage of invasion, and lasts from twelve to twenty- four
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be brushed up and down twice a day, after breakfast and before
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Although this disease had been referred to in previous works, it