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patient falls into a condition of apparent sleep or narcolepsy {hysteric sleep,
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flammation about the lesion results in the formation of a wall. The cyst
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felt just below the ribs, projecting toAvard the navel. Tenderness over
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free purgation at the earliest possible moment is not followed by de-
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Each volume contains from 50 to 100 colored plates, executed by the
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Massachusetts in 1909, 87 per cent, occurred in the first ten years,
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patient. Soon the gums become "touched" — i. e. red, swollen, tender
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aneurysm ; (6) Lowered blood-pressure in the vessels of the liver favor-
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caution will exclude the latter complaint. (6) Affections of the Lungs
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Upper-segment or Upper-system Diseases. — A lesion occurring in the
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may be the seat of numerous ecchymoses, and dropsy of the serous cav-
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latter •word implies, and are apt to be multiple. In individuals so
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The etiology of membranous stomatitis is usually specific (diphther-
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calico-printing. (e) An accidental source of lead-poisoning is found
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in some of the European nations, as England. Longer than the tenia
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to symptoms of coxitis, as pain referred to the knee-joint. The diag-
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ments, which in the further progress of certain cases undergo coincident
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blood platelets, is definitely settled if we accept the conclusions of the
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The following morbid conditions have been described in connection
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pain, temperature, and electro-cutaneous sensibility being usually more
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mann, and verified by his faithful followers, — and then with our
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of the Royal Medico-Chirurgical Society ; Physician to the General
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animals and other dark fluids, and vomit them subsequently. The vom-
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is less than , one-third of what it was fifteen years ago, and this means
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The patient at the present time is entirely recovered.
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Hygiene of Infancy and Childhood. Fordyce. $2.50, Wm. Wood & Co.
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under five months of snuffles and the characteristic skin-eruptions.
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The pathology of the disease is obscure. It is supposed to be due
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spiration is seen to be short and gasping, and followed immediately by
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This is due to a weak systole that fails to cause a radial pulse.
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ference may be necessary. The internal variety either occurs as a sim-
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and obstruct the inspiration may produce this disease, such as certain
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fluid. A marked sense of resistance is experienced on percussion over
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England will feel its share of responsibility towards bringing about
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the thymus gland. Less frequently there is fibroid degeneration of the
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manner, but also over an extended period. The indications for
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There is no need for one to ever lay emphasis to medical practitioners
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though I feel confident that the diathesis may be also acquired. But
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grams of albumin, 100 grams of fat, and 368 grams of starch, a total