6th day was negative in 14.3 per cent of the cases. It is possible to
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left in blocking impulses from the fibrillating auricles. The left vagus is nearly
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virulent Spirochtzta icterolnzmorrhagice, the causal spirochete of Weil's
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incisors nearest to the eye most affected, with a key, the patient
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Dr. St&ber of Strasburg, has observed, in several cases of hydro-
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did not causespasms, or disturb h^ breathing. Fanning, or waving
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on the effects of certain organ grafts on the embryo itself. 1 The
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June was exceedingly variable in respect to temperature,, and to
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F., remains at that point for a couple of days, and then rapidly declines.'
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manner as the experimental animals of the corresponding series. None of these
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Enlarged !.'all-bladder. See Gall-bladder, enlarged,
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serum for a similar number of transfers, agglutinated not only the
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it as due to colitis, originating in " some constitutional cachexia," which, in some of its tendencies, re-
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tical step, the orbits of the planets, first began to hobble about the
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Fig. 5. Cells showing the gradual differentiation of a granular leukocyte, /,
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colic and tenesmus ; there was also occasionally great restlessness
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y all the cases, the veins of the pia mater were more or less dis«
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plained of dimness of vision — his tongue and breath were cold ; the
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is higher and the diastolic pressure lower than the corresponding
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sively on meat. Instead of the earlier compact proliferation small
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Controls. — There were four dishes with five tadpoles in each. These received
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especially as it is a disease occurring in children. But ankle-clonus, paresis
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heard; on Jan. 29 the second injection of 16 mg. was given. That night a slight
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