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Physician Computer Order Entry feature of the computerized medical record serves as a national

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with the regulations of the University covering such degrees.

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stage of hepatization, but no abscesses. Abdomen : — The

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anemia (syncope), etc. Traube held that the heart's action was

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palate, that we were induced to test the range of its applicability to this end.

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free posterior and anterior incision in these abscesses,

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but be of service to the public. I have always found it most easy to

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The symptoms are mainly nervous, in the first stage

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relationships to the oculomotor and the ophthalmic nerves in the

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phate of iron to the healthy, and avoid all suspected food,

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the height of seventy of the disease, and then gradually sinks to

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Sargeon Lewis A. Edwards, U.S.A., in charge of Lovell HospiUl, Porta-

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of the pharynx. Eye-strain set up by hypermetropia and