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^ Chambers : " Domestic Annals of Scotland," Vol. I, p. 299.
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assigned the i)atient will be held in the receiving ward for disposi-
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strongly repudiates the idea that any such factor has aught to
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gest improvements of its defects. A simple description
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and the many theories that have been advanced concerning asthma, even
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zation in January, 1910. The last meeting of the A. V. M. A.
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sion, we quote from Dr. A. Eber, of Leipsic; Dr. J. F. Hey-
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Charon, Dr., on the arrest of destruction of the lung in chronic phthisis by the inha-
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to a social problem that has been too largely ignored. In
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There is no doubt that the great majority of cases of tuberculosis in children
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urine was examined on May 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 14, but on none of these occasions
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KiDO (Percj, M.D.), complete bilateral paralysis of the Tocal
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New Britain, Hartford (1850), 13,979 — Clary, G. ; Coholan, H. J.;
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ing that strictly is absolutely false. Even the statements
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suppurative inflammation affect the walls of some of the sinuses,
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renders the whole question, though of deep theoretical, but
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pneumonia exudativa enzdotica or contagiosa, Peripneumonia
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and the prognosis of suddenly fatal apoplexy wns hazarded,
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in heat production was 43.6 per cent. The maximum was reached in
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the use of a hook for their removal, or a snare for
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pound, differing essentially in all its properties from either
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therapeutics can furnish, and thus become enabled to choose
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study of anatomy, physiology, physiological chemistry, and
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sure. Brodmann, on the contrary, finds type 7 extending upward
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difficulty in drinking, on account of inability to tightly
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Dr. Greene, of Morgantown, Indiana, reported two cases^ which,
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above the eyelids, was found of great thickness, (about three lines,) as well as
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tavt'lli, Milan ; Norway, Dr. Axcl-llolst, C'lnistiania;
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seventeen of this act, and shall state tho doings of said board or officer upon said
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drops of water fallen on the part, when he cried out in a voice