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Epstein, Alfred L. Madden ('19) ; P. Lawrence De Noyelles,
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east of Peebles, at Chapel Yards,* a hospital of St. Leonards received a
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upon that of the other, inversely in the order given), the impairment
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grouped the populations of the parishes we have just been dis-
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ing ptomaines which are being absorbed into the blood stream,
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than normal. A modification of the usual technic was, therefore,
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secretory functions, which have got into a state of greater or less
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ditions such as will warrant placing it on an equal with other
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2. Storage. — The storage of water in large impounding reser-
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holds for the liver lesions of eclamptic toxemia cannot readily be proven.
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quinia, iron, and strychnia ter in die. Did not see
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cal neuritis might also arise from continuous exposure
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tent, and his skin active, this may be accomplished by these organs,
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(4) The bacteriologist also has his views of the nature of
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a scientific iiiKtrumciit or omlK)die<l a scientific principle. They
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reduced into more definite form as regards the subjects,
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were taken out in perfect health. The demonstration
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dominis, and the patient in a few weeks recovered to
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observed to be ill, not the smallest portion of ingesta passed the
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but the difficulty of distinguishing the spermatic process above, the freedom of
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with the doctor as to the use of water. Take a suppurating sinus in
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remedies ; that is, such as will not do harm if they
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general practitioners, in this country at least where con-
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Macpherson, in his report on enteric in the Boer War, says, ' All the
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of the previous evening. At the time of my arrival there was no uterine
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evidencing the fact that there was no aukyloBis. It was very much swollen and