In particular, they fully believe that legislative enact-

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recommended by Hey and by Teale ; there is a thick flap from the back of the

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eleven reported cases of infection by cow's milk, and

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ed, allowing the escape of a portion of its fluid contents into the abdomi-

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physical signs, as well as the s^nnptoms, is to be taken into account,

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the tube rises again of its own accord three or four inches, when the

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only seven persons had died of any scrofulous disease,

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in the tick have so far failed. Leishman considers the hereditary trans-

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or about the time the paroxysm sets in. The patient feels fairly well

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and nerves which are contiguous to the viscera ; they seem indeed to

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average for the year before was 15.2 days and for 1945-

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polyp, and cervical erosion, and three or more cases

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stood, that when the epidemic is prevalent, mere looseness of

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serviceable, an immense experience confirms, but they do not deserve

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he should do his best, by insisting on absolute rest for the arm on

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which a murmur, having rhythmical variations in loud-

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Torticollis or Wry=neck — Accessory Spasm. — True torticollis is a devia-

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had been afflicted by the malady since he was five years old. At first,

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progressive anemia. Concetti believed it to be secondary to some acute

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more or less pressure on different parts of the brain ; that this pressure

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variously for pelvic disease, but without amelioration. Pelvic

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U t., h,- ,,u.-,i.|r. A. iKc -.,„„■ tiim-. ..n ,,utu;- u- ^M. ir -h.'mld he

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Further criteria by which to determine whether the trypanosome

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being thin, furrowed, and wrinkled, and sometimes covered with a thicker

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the usually coincident enlargement of the spleen, and, lastly, albumi-

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out a resolution to the contrary. Under such circum-

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per cent of 1,390 examinations, which is over five examinations per

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Administered under a single board of directors repre-

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Six minims of a fifteen-per-cent. solution of cocaine were

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its close, and terminates abruptly in the tap which constitutes the first

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charter. He shall keep account of and promptly turn over to the Treasurer

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the first Napoleon, who projected those of Paris in the

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peculiar to these micro-organisms and shall differ-

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No. 13, Tichborne- street, was summoned for assaulting Mrs.

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sonal feeling creep now and then into discussions of these matters,

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p'^ar in leucodermic patches, or melanoderma, as in Ad-

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alveolus. Pus was found, and a silver drainage-tube was

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administer poison : — they are known by their hissing

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One of these patients was fifty-nine, the other sixty-

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ment of Transylvania University, where it is said he

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