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The bromids, however, are too often administered very carelessly,
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of Surgeons in England shall be held in the Whitehall Rooms
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" The World's Fair is on a magnificent scale. It opened in a
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the sternum that it is well for every one to be able to enumerate them.
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mitted through the vasomotor nerves ; others prefer to regard it as a
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downward through the trigonum fibrosum of the auriculoventricular
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subscribe. Amongst the speakers were Dr. Tagert (Clones),
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intestines the same tapeworm which grew in owls and in cats. This
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When otitis is complained of, the laudanum may be dropped into
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was affected with cholera. In the mucous threads and flakes
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are often obliged, owing to its mechanical effects, to tap the abdomen
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lesions in the pons and abscesses or timiors in the cerebellum irritate or
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Polish Surgeons will be held at Krakau on July 11th and the
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length, are less in width, and are two to three lines in thickness.
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there never is an incomplete epileptic. No matter how mild the at-
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physiologic discipline. Thus, a gentleman called one day whose coun-
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that the committee engaged in the work should consult many
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point of decussation in the medulla. This occurs only when the lesion
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form. When the current is passed through the wire it makes
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