At middle life, in those disposed to corpulency, all imprudences in

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this disease occurring in the form of general spasticity.

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relied on this treatment, and had found it of great benefit, espe-

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than can be digested. It is desirable that, during the paroxysms, fixNi

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and so common in enteric fever as to constitute a phenomenon of diagnos-

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and a calculus once formed, or, indeed, any solid substance, will

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viz., albuminuria and general dropsy, very rarely follow diphtheria, iw,

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cians. This would seem effectually to dispose of the change-of-type-in-

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came to the conclusion that Plimmer's organisms are always present in

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or constitutional bias. It is an indisputable fact, that the offspring

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spontaneous rebleeding and to protect against rebleeding

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The Technics of the Operative Treatment of Intestinal Obstruction.

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ing parts of the face. In fact, there is no part of the

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vania, learn that some honorable members of the Faculties of

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ments) in the same way. If the obstruction be high up, suppres-

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ing of the femur. The lengthening was probably at the

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Besides, blood taken from between the scapula and the

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cation of any branch of medical science for the benefit of the

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of the minor attack and that these mild cases should

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free blood is found in the cerebrospinal fluid, not only is the diag-

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and famuy rooms ; Reid's potato-baker ; what kinds of wives Mrs Job. Mrs. Soc-

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action of the kidneys and bowels. On the 10th of February, whilst

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He became more or less paralyzed in the lower limbs ; his face -was expression-

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that as much as possible of the energy of the pulse-wave shall be trans-

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Hutchinson suggested, a catheter might be placed in the cen-

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but palliative measures and attention to hygiene. The cough may he jmI-