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Causes. — Regarded by Romberg as an hypera^sthcsia of the brain,
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without stopping to take breath, faradisation of the phrenic nerves, re[)cated
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veins commence to carry back the blood that -has passed
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Notes on the Recent International Medical Congress. By F. O.
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cases would so far seem to indicate that possibly in very many
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skill and kindness missed by a host of grateful patients. We
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death, in 18 16, in the churchyard of Worth Matravers, Dorset, on
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heart. Stolnikow 1 has demonstrated experimentally that the velocity of the blood-
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I at last looked upon them as quite indispensable, both in eruptive
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either binary fission or spore-formation. In the latter case, in
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only the cervical part of a fascia which is found lining the
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in none of Raynaud's cases was this condition investigated.
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circulation and does away in a great measure with the portal conges-
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slower death, or possildy in recovery. Pure thromliosis of the venous system —
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ly watery, of a dirty brown or greenish-brown colour, and some-
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of acute alcoholism. They claim that the drug not only diminishes
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ty has been issued. The program presents a goodly array of names, and is
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ting warm, a little later asked to have some of the
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knew an instance in which a woman had Si x children at a birtk (Henk
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hernia ; or, in other words, what has generally been denominated stran-
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mentation changes
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now, as was suspected by Lebert long ago, as an intoxication by thyroid
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ciate in love " at first with the old and moderate ! and
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cial urea, and neither on the day of the operation nor
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February 16, 1870, with right obUque inguinal hernia. He
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mentation bath
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tant a matter, simply because no fee was tendered ; and we think that
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first, but eventually it becomes very much more apparent.
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which the evening temperature rises a little higher than
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larynx, if affected. The treatment depends entirely upon
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acetate of lead, oil of turpentine (small doses), ammonio-ferric
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a weak carbolic acid solution; to prick all the blisters, and then
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Lumbar neuralgia following chronic influenza has been
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carditis, causing marked stenosis. At the acme of pleuritic and
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perance are, and have been, in the habit for years past
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operations in varying sequences. The writers state: "We
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riods varying from several months to years, their use