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changes produced by them were found in the kidneys. Some-
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Hot baths and hot applications, with a full, large dose of
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series of 60 hospitalized cases of infant botulism,'' 68 percent
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This ends the patient's account of the first few days of the
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cipitate, and enough pains have not been taken to secure pre-
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nection with this disease, it is well to recall the fact that the mere
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were entirely lost or only just to be made out. Stuck together
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between plethora or increase in tin 1 quantity of blood and poly-
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Pollen Extract continued treatment is supplied in 5 mil
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iridauxesis, iridoncosis, hypertrophy of the iris L
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administer serum at once. Because of the acute and rapid course that
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connexion with the foregoing we consider the success which atten-
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in the house of commons, he had felt extreme difficulty in evacu-
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example, we analyze a case of fever and find it to consist of
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life to be sacrificed for want of forced respiration when you
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Symptoms following the rupture : Suddenly in middle of night extreme diffi-
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I King J, et al.: The effects of hospitalization on children’s
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still the largest proportion is formed in the kidneys themselves!
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Examination revealed a corpulent child of small stature, mentally very
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led by strictly scientific methods of inquiry, and ever gaining a
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distribution of the eruption.; (2) the shape of the vesicles; (3)
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solution by means of hydrate of lime, using strong precautions to refri-
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somewhat. I have operated upon many cases in which ear disease was
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pneumococcus infections would obviously have saved many lives to the
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being altogether satisfactory ; but in one instance at
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length of time; second, they do not repeat their feeding without
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far as our necropsy cultures showed during the first three periods.
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bined therapy and the patient closely followed until threat of cardiac failure is over
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Schussler remedies believe that to be the most rational treat-
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of tissue, and finally a pustular eruption, which may remain limited
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copious, and of an opaque, gelatiniform character. The
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spreads m radiated and longitudinal circles from its points of beginning,
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intestinal lesions characteristic of hog cholera. We have also observed
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