bladder was markedly greater than at any other point amomit-
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sels, turbid fluid in peritoneal, pericardial and pleural cavi-
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Several new cases of treatment by cocain injections were
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experience of every oculist furnishes one or many in-
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falls, or in its further development will fall, into one of
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Case 33. — Here the femur was crushed from the knee to the
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New York, 1851, and for many years a practitioner in New-
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influence of an anesthetic. Dr. Stone, my house sur-
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authors approved of radical measures they maintained
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Honorary members will be limited to distinguished for-
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Sections of the American Medicat. Association are announced
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lished between 1857 and 1869. He proved that without
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sites then accumulating in the internal organs. The mistakes
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a sinus in the middle of his right calf, discharging
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trouble from this condition in young children is from
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in importance those that will be obtained when trained,
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pression indicating, most frequently, rupture of the
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patients, as they had to be fanned by hand — if electric
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with dried lymph nodes from a^case of carcinoma. In
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the spine. Immrdiate paraplegia and anesthesia resulted. He
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with sputa of the color of prune juice. The condition .became
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tribution to the upper third of the face, the swollen
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within its walls, has the eflEect of disturbing the endings
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the duration of transitory glycosuria, and by imparting to
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After describing my method in detail, I will report five
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embrace a considerable number of practitioners who, un-
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it is mostly due to acid sodiuin phosphate, titration with cal-
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faction of the jury — that at the time of committing the att
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They render possible the gravest accidents and may terminate
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132 Intubation and Antitoxin In the Treatment of Laryngeal Diph-
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This patient made a rapid recovery, and was discharged
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thing in the literature which positively thus accounts for the
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Medical Association, held at Atlantic City, N. J., June 5-8, 1900.
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officials another fraud has come to grief. The notorious
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pass a bougie have failed, and here the silver ball treatment