the chamber of the existence of acute cystitis. The
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lar fossae are generally full, and on coughing they bulge out like
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A lady was long under my care, whose condition in May 1864 be-
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Modern treatment has been directed primarily toward an attempt to find
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occur at an early period ; but under efficient treatment, recovery,
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that converge toward the pituitary from the circle of Willis, and enter
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ful in forming good tooth-substance. Hard water, that containing lime,
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which wonderful advances have been made within recent 5^ears but in
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to 30<^ Cent.), it lost its excitability ; and that this property (the faculty of con-
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reform, or improvement, and are deeply impressed with a sense of
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Prof. Bock in the London Lancet of Sept. 1865 says, "syph-
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years of studious toil and research to the frailer sex
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or the spray of a solution of belladonna (F. 262) : in the intervals of
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in furunculosis and other staphylococcic infections. My
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derstood. Two hours of Jaboratory, shop, or field work are counted as equivalent to one hour
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in a house well within the district sewered in December, 1913. This
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The organ, though solid and heavy, was not large, and the cut surfaces
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ten deaths. To confirm the diagnosis we have avail-
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Koyal College of Physicians, to which we recently al-
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The chair then proceeded to appoint Drs. A. N. Burton, S. Tuthill,
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August 19-21 — 3rd Annual Musculoskeletal Infection Society Meeting. U
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of the cheiro-kinaesthetic centre directly at the instigation of the auditory
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ers use but one or two kinds of grain during the year,
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^rative prini'iple ; supposing lactie acid to exist in excess in Rbeuinatio
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illustrations and cuts under this head are quite interesting and
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ttie/reguenci/ with which acute rheumatic arthritis
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individual men who stand out as landmarks in its develop-
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cess for thnt purpose, as a substitute for Cayenne, when
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invention for the convenience and cleanliness of ladies. It gives