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Internally, give a purgative — i ounce of Aloes or ^ pound
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Dr Aulde, in defending the administration of small doses, says —
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what is the cause of so much of this paralysis in patients so
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department, and has as his assistants either captains or first lieutenants.
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advice was given him, what wonder is it if he either doubts
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more physicians in every dty might profit by possessing
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The mothtr is a nervous, imaginative woman, and I have sometimes doubted
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1)eoome combined, if they occur, are rare exceptions to the rule.
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That tiie (hiuclie is soiuetinies iiienicicut, so thai eventu-
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were subjected to the one central authority of the Local
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jority of cases. But by the time cancer of the stomach is really rec-
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covered, for a S|)ace of nine or ten inches, with ulcera-
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"hay-cold" gradually lessened, and by September 25 he considered him-
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can Medical Association, Etc. Publish- important considerations as Sterile Washes
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and Meek and Naish, that the normal heart-beat is transmitted
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much; but they did not occur oftener than once in the twenty-four
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** Great difference of opinion exists among practitioners as to the best mode
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benefit the insane by improving our methods of care, treatment and
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wards, the redder hue superseding it, sjlcceeded in a short time by dis-
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outbreak of cattle plague at Norwich, which appeared in last
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.primarily. The cutaneous incision should be made so as to prolong it, if neces-
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face. The pulse rarely exceeds 90 per minute. The temperature, as
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that she was reputed to have given it to six young men thai she
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the serum, by puncturing with a fine curved needle, is recommended for speedy re-
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ftizatiofi of typhus ulcers never causes stricture of the intestines. As
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Treatment — First Day. — Application of chemical con-
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scaflblds or high beams. On the third occasion, which
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Surgical Homo, 2 p.m. ; BoysJ Orth..pi«Uie Hi>spiwl. 2 p.m. ; West
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4000 X 10 - 40,000, and in 1 c.mm. of non-diluted blood 40,000 X
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whereas the words themselves tell us that the sjieaker
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while in London the proportion is still more favorable, uinety-
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tinued dorsal decubitus in the cradle, I fully expected to find a depressed
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fault. Although operation in cancer must be abandoned
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or sixty cases coming under my care, not more than two or
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other matters within the cavity of the bladder. It may occur in parapl^
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in size from a pin point to several centimeters in diameter
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factory results can be obtained by bulbing the oxygen through a
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continued violation of natural laws, especially that
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During the last half century our knowledge of pathology has