Caricature also relates to the tradition of the grotesque in art, as exempli-
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case of young persons with badly developed chests, had been of
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who passes a quiet life will differ greatly from that of one who lives at
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ticing flavor and easy digestibility are other important
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Therapeutics, rearranged, rewritten, and enlarged. Phila-
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sorts, naturally receives an unusually large propor-
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continued costiveness, excessive riding, and the immediate drinking
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empyemas owe their origin to the pneumococcus and 25 per cent, to the
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Farms. Special observations were made at each of these
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were to be done. These were completed within two hours, as a
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McLeod mentions the case of a soldier who was hit by a
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the whole question on the spot. It has drawn up an exhaustive
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fered from pellagra for many years. The mother lived in the neigh-
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our standing in the service to various officers in the foreign
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As a result of the President's consideration of the
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with crust, making a hole in the middle. Bake about three
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fourth declared it to have been an acute pleurisy, which liad
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Whichever the course decided upon, there are worth-
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The mucosa on the posterior surface of the premaxilla along the line
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and stitched to the skin of the side of the neck, for the use of the
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case also ranged from low to high at varying times,
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hemorrhages, which are much more frequent into the membranes than into
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teUigent prophylactic measures taken. Hydrophobia is,
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and the psychic effect induced. Dry cold, in the form of the ice-bag or the
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on the mental, and still grander on the spiritual plane are seen. Yet
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parts of water and sugar; he also gives the ])roper amount