Howard, to relieve Surgeon Caleb W. Horner, who has

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derivation. In fuch cafes, thofe means which have been termed

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were, therefore, proper subjects for isolation, and they

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Even in these I should be disposed to cover the parts thoroughly

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be traced to any special defect in the sanitary condition

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more perfectly applied. It is not, however, of much

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that the right ventricle was not affected, and it may be well

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tion. The pulse is increased in frequency and in strength. The tempera-

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my removal to another part of the city I have lost track of her, and

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of olive oil thrown up the rectum every third day will give

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In 4th month, (April) last, the young man's father was taken very

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increase in size ; the pigmentation at their periphery becomes more

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the assimilative and eliminative organs: preserves health

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or entirely, to a bronchitis or bronchial catarrh, atti-ibuting little or no impor-

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region. It would become tense during the acme of the colic, and disappear imme-

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for the Insane In the capacity of assistant physician, which place he

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sive hemorrhage with albuminous urine; but these belong to

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which I wish to refer to, though it is not connected with the

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observers have since been thoroughly confirmed. The organisms are

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should still have recourse to it, I no longer employ, nor should I advise, that

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Those histories show, among other things, the frequently

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treatment of the acute form of the disease, conjoined with the use of stimu-

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389. [Discussion], 471-477. Aho: llev. d'byg.. Par., 1887, ix,

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and rather uneven on its surface, sometimes tender to the touch; pus

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accept the researches of Pierret, Friedman, Klippel, and Joffroy. According

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soon become so maddening that few will venture to prolong

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xxix, 5-14. . Surgeon-Lieut. -Colonel Lawrie and the

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carbohydrates and the agglutination with specific sera of every type.

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to pressure ; is there not reason to suppose that some inflammatory

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to be done; but, given a case of cystitis in which this is im-

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parenchyma began. He did not entirely agree with Dr. Gerster

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he says, " deaths associated with chloroform naturaUy

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the optic disks are fairly normal, but the right is a little smaller than

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base of the hair fits down over the papilla, drawing nutriment from it,

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defences, exposes it in an eminent manner to intru-

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cadaveric. Hence it is that, in the range of observations, we read of ex-

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Jeanselme), and lepromata have also been found in the lungs and intestines.