and as specialisms become luminous in medicine and surgery,
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fit. If, however, this revulsion fail to take place, as often happens,
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observed and recorded on the third and ninth days after
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pyelitis, sent to him by Dr. Baker, who had previously
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Until the patient died, there was nothing of any particular
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de;scribed, the dosage is discussed, the contra-indications are
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dium in sufficient degree to bring about those changes which indicate
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results of NAGWS/NASPE Coaching Certification Survey. JOPERD. September 1987.
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During the year twenty-seven of our members have died.
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strongly opposed to the idea that tuberculosis is contagious, and on the
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possible, for the medical practitioner to prepare with his own hands
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week in December, 1889, numerous cases of middle-ear disease, of a purulent
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the pills were afterwards employed M^ith a view to act upon the ca-
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The object of the author of this little volume is to render the
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horses under their care, to pay strict attention to such, and see
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insensible at the time, but recovered consciousness. He then
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crease susceptibility but also augment the mortality as much as 25 per cent.
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chew the cud regularly when recovering from a fever, a poor
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cholera bacillus and neutralise its toxins, and it may do so, but the question
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in children and in adults, relation of one to the other, 24
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the devious ways on the slopes of Mount Koyal and planted it on the
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ceded by a numbness, loss of motion, and some pain of the index finger of the
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in nursing mothers is not established. It also is not recom- 1
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2. The only agent which can certainly retain the uterus in place, after
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tact with a hard inert foreign substance, there is noted a proto-