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the lower animals. It develops from severe injuries and severe pressure

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observations showing that moist heat is more effective than

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try as applied to Pathology, has contributed to this more correct

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Head of Green River, August 14, 1894 (No. 908); Cummins,

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(a) Tuberculous meningitis ; (6) marantic thrombosis of the sinuses ;

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same observer, suffer more frequently than is supposed.

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saline fluid by the transfusion method. I repaired to

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repetition. I only urge those who have the power and will to

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of the question. A course of injections of Coley's fluid was followed by

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imately 100 calories of heat per hour, and this is almost exactly the

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Hound, irregular, or sinuous ulcers, some with edges ragged and undermined,

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sary remedies. The wise physician is he who bends all things to his

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Quaintance, Paul Atlee, a, w, sp, Bucyrus, Ohio. S.B. '20.

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where they will find evidence enough to satisfy the most

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kidney was observed to be diminishing in size, and small

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situation of deeply seated cavities cannot be determined

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York Hospital. B.S. 1951, University of Washington;

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Haighton. who, at that time, was not acquainted with any previous

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for a certain period and the intervals gradually increased thereafter.

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and nitrate of silver. In cases of intractable cystitis

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Letters and Communications to be addressed to the " Editor Canada Lancet," Toronto

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Disease. — Peculiarly an affection of the Fibro-Serous Tissue. —

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These experiments were considered almost conclusive: but it

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Hospital, a larger-sized one, with the pressure raised to 20 ozs.,

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If the purely mechanical conditions insisted upon by Niemeyer were really the

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Perhaps a satisfactory answer to this question can be

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quietude, stiff and lame, but after short exercise the lameness

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new folder which you may obtain without cost by writing

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months later a plastic operation was performed to close a small

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symptoms of cerebellar disease exclusively depend. This view receives