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fever, typhus and typhoid fever, diphtheria, and measles. In Maine
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pleurisy, which regards the pain' as the chief element, and confines itself merely to
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was a great deal of bad feeling between the Professors and the laymen of
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cardiae pulsation, the restricted vessels may relax ; then
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parts of saturated solutions of bichloride of mercury, and
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plus excretion of the warm season being the result of, and to
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fectants. If these observations are correct, as it is
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toin. while a iliniinntion is unfavoniltir. lit* maintains,
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apjDointed Extraordinary Professor, and assumed the supervision of the Polyclinic,
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1. About, 2. FACE, 3. Forward, 4. Guide right (or left), 5. MARCH.
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tics now available of the towns and suburbs where, in addition to those of the great Public
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fortnight^ to cut the septum, and thus release the ugature
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Davenport, B. F. Report upon food, drugs, and their examina-
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diseases. But he had observed that there were many contradic-
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foration developed, she had nearly every day complained
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cury. This disease cannot be treated by any other remedy
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from mouth. The power of deglutition was entirely lost, mak-
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this definition the present example may, I believe,
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infection to reach theni from the hospital it would have had to
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is very tough. The Malpigiiian bodies are indistinct. The kidneys
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in heart disorders is stated to be due to a marked stimulating action on
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been distinguishing peculiarities in his practice. For these
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821. Preserved Oranges — Ingredients — Any nuh.ber of oranges,
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adults. This process usually reaches its height from the eighth to the tenth
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One of the interesting by-products of this War has been the development of
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two to five months, without reference to the method of drying. (The term
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the application of carbolic acid and iodoform to os externum, once a
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crease of pay as the Directors shall see fit. When the
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uniformly low. As regards the influence of currents of air, cer-
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ment where other animals are carried, nor shall they be carried on any
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until a clearer idea of the pathology was obtained, be
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"The continual mood to hurry, that is, of being in mind and spirit
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patient after operation ; she did not give an intel-
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stethoscope has been removed a short distance. It does not fol-
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amputation or other surgical operation consequent upon it. Hence
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the. velum, uvula, and tonsils are coated with dark incrustations,