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erating-rooms at tbe end of either wing are almost the

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with the smallest possible surface (the inner side of the hand, the handle of the

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Fleming in his work on obstetrics claims that Ihe calf is more

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visions of this act by the district veterinarian, while such animals are being trans-

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teeth, horse-tails, straw, glass, cow-hair. Job's tears,

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year old. For heart stimulation, strychnine and strophanthus are

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is absolutely non-contagious. This, and the lapse of a definite period of

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inoculability of leeches as absolutely settled yet.

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A small surface, when wet, readily reacts. Therefore, if you are not

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context of the equally important public policy of hospital

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sembled somewhat typhoid fever, but not infrequently

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of the ovary may present only one tiny patch of dermoid tissue,

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as the attacks subside, and the young patient is able to

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(1) Suprarenal Hsemorrhage in an Infant ... ... ... ... 54

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gina and that can be tolerated by the patient must be established by titration. Exces;

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the atlo-axoid articulation were found considerably

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A vertical incision, about six inches long, was made,

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In order to avoid periodic waves of sugar concentration and to

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Jewish religious movements and a personal belief or lack of

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have in these adeno-sarcomata or mesodermata,, an attempt to reproduce

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perforation in typhoid fever, with complete recovery

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their lives. The " discharge on recovery rate " averaged 115'4 per