John Collins Warren, Professor of Surgery in Harvard University.
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^occurs, the case will, probably, prove fatal In spite of all efforts; but the
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In some instances, the H-ion concentration was determined by the colori-
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From Liverpool the typhus fever rapidly spread throughout all the
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used and could be dispensed by the physician. Others be-
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of inflammation. Inflammation of the cervix was not
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commonest mode of infection ; (.5) prophylaxis must be di-
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appeared at 160 Burnett Street in 1910, moved to S71 Arch Street in October, 1910, and are
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(01)ei j)lHl/,).j Muiichen. raeil. Wclinschr., 1887, xxxiv, 452;
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and that it gradually spread to become a severe epi-
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walls of the stomach formed a tumor, which had no chai'acteristics of cancer,
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fire omitted. To these Mills very properly adds "d<»-
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after the birth of the child. (< Med. Gaz.' vol. 37, p. 808.)
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and that separate tables by sex and age be shown therefor.
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