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tids) even on pressure. There was absence of sweating and
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pathology of vascular disease, arranged in separate sentences ;
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a position to make any announcement at present. It was
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health. To the prompt action of the authorities the inhabi-
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order that the god of fever and of every kind of death may be driven
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that there would be a less number of unsatisfactory coroners' verdicts
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grene " had extended even closer to the ute us, and it was
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proper remuneration to every officer, as there were no officers-
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teachers in all subjects that teaching was divorced from
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in private practice would lead to increased vigilance on the
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in the preface, is adapted to the requirements of the Science
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St. Thomas's. Jlours of ,4(<endancf,— Medical and Surgical, dailv. exe.
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Casual communications by Messis J. H. Mummery, David
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ford (Arris and Gale Lecturer) : The Physiology of the
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ing of earrings for eye aflfections, which is still practised,
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and to all the more important riparian districts on April 3rd.
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^ersons-whom the medical men of the neighbourhood are Poetically
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rash disappeared, but, as in some of the cases of Mr. Man-
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recent unfortunate withdrawal of the pre-existing restriction
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Medical and Chirn -aicd Society. Since that date the pro-
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1"-', 102 4^, and 103= on three days. On March 7th 1 aspirated the swell-
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simple hot water, and even in the test tube it seems to be a
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Electro-ther.-ipeutics, Tu. F., 2 ; Dental. W. S.. 9.30 : Consulta-
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BORDFR Counties Branch.— The spring meeting will be held at the
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mation which will be useful to those who have to do with this
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tions and midwifery. Applications to the Clerk, at the Union Offices,
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cians, Ireland), Dr. Carte and Dr. Heuston (representing tlie
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tliem opening off others, some of them with fireplaces, some
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geon. Rooms, commons, and washing provided. Appointment for six
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mentioned, and. unless certain minimum recfuirements were present,
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prescribed some medicine, the first dose of which burnt his mouth
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with a surgeon-major going home next trooping season, or one on the
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an animal. The poison produced by the diphtheria bacillus
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by purgative medicines, and leads not uncommonly to considerable
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leave of absence on medical certificate for the periods named : Surgeon-
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MOLE, Alfred E., M.B., C.M.Edin., appointed Honorary Assistant-Surgeon
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[Under the care of G. A. Wright, M.B.Oxon., F.R.C.S.Eng.]
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these two aflfections, for in both the temperature falls when the
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dealing with inebriates of all classes, criminal and non-
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than that associated with an outbreak of typhlitis considered
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